Today at Green Run Fields on Dahlia Dr, the police were issuing tickets to cars that were parked between the no parking signs. The police were responding to complaints from citizens that live in the area which makes it understandable that they were merely doing their job. It is unfortunate that the parking lot is unstable, limiting parking. I believe we all understand that the signs are there for a reason and should be abided by. However, I have to pose the question, where else are we suppose to park? Are the parents expected to drop their kids off and not support them while they are participating in a game? None of us want to willing disobey parking signs but we are all at a lost with a solution. As long as a traffic hazard does occur, maybe the city should amend the parking ordnance along Dahlia Dr during the baseball season, at least until the parking lot is repaired. Another consideration is that Green Run Little League provides a shuttle to shuttle parents and players from Green Run High School. The complaints will continue until a viable solution is reached.

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